What’s New in WordPress 6.0

What’s New in WordPress 6.0

In this post you will find detailed information about what’s new in WordPress 6.0.

Video with what’s new in WordPress 6.0

Below you can see a summary (in spanish) of the most relevant new features included in WordPress 6.0.

In spanish

WordPress 6.0 at Blogpocket

WordPress 6.0, nicknamed Arthur (in spanish), is a release that includes over 500 enhancements and 400 bug fixes and represents a further step in the platform’s evolution towards Full Site Edition (in spanish). No more and no less than 500 collaborators have participated.

At Blogpocket, we’ve come along over the last few months, spreading some of the biggest changes, like -for example- Testing the Web Fonts API in Gutenberg 12.8 (in spanish).

We’ve also covered how to test new versions before they’re released: How to Test WordPress 6.0: The Next Stop on the Road to Full Site Edition (in spanish).

Our FSE News (in spanish) includes a lot of information about what’s new within WordPress and related to WordPress. complete edition of the site. Here in english.

More about what’s new in WordPress 6.0

Outside of Blogpocket, there are also in-depth and interesting articles about what’s new in WordPress 6.0: What’s New in WordPress 6.0: New Blocks, Style Switching, Template Editing, Webfonts API, and Much More.

Sarah Gooding at WP Tavern summarizes the new features in WordPress 6.0: WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” Adds More Templates and Patterns, Style Switching, and Block Locking UI.

On the other hand, WordPress Vip has published an article aimed at marketers: The WordPress 6.0 Release Features Enterprise Marketers Can’t Wait to Try.

And, finally, another review that highlights the section on new features for developers and accessibility: WordPress 6.0 ‘Arturo’ Is Here With Nearly 1,000 Changes.