The content of this post was originally published (in spanish) on May 30, 2022 in our WP al día.

You are probably wondering what the wisdom and wealth of a WordPress digital media creation and content creation newsletter comes from. Very simple: wisdom is very important, not only to get richer (in money) but also to achieve success in your work (whatever it may be).

The Darius Foroux newsletter provides a weekly trick to get wiser, a trick to get richer, and a bonus tip on anything interesting (quotes, books, podcasts, documentaries, etc.). Why Wise & Wealthy and not the other way around? The author believes that you want to be wise first and then rich. That makes you appreciate money much more. And it will inspire you to do good with your wealth. Substitute success (of any kind) for wealth and you’ve got a great resource for inspiration.

Why I recommend The Wise & Wealthy newsletter by Darius Foroux: Because it includes totally practical and easy-to-do tips, in simple and very accessible language, that can be applied not only to make you richer 😉 but to achieve success in any project you undertake.