The challenge of creating a WordPress home page without knowing WordPress (and in 30 minutes)

This experiment, which is to create a WordPress home page, was carried out by Jamie Marsland of Pootlepress with his daughters Lily and Meg. Both were unaware of how WordPress works and it was about recreating a specific page in just 30 minutes.

I recommend that you watch the video where Lily is seen, creating the page with Gutenberg, and Meg, doing it with Elementor. Beyond the result, it is very interesting to see what we have been proclaiming in Blogpocket over the last three years: Gutenberg is a great step forward in WordPress and represents the democratization of the creation of the front-end of a website.

We were able to verify it, in a practical way, with Vanessa Zablah and her Between Sneakers and heels; where an end user -without technical knowledge- was able, without code, to create the pages of an online conference herself: From 0 to 2,000 subscribers by email in a week (Blogpocket Live, episode 3) (in Spanish).