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The content of this post was originally published on June 23, 2022 in our WP al día (in spanish).

Shaping the Space and Driving Change: 56 WordPress Experts to Follow Online. Robert Nolte, a new digital copywriter at Freemius, has been in the WordPress world for a few months. But in his initial splash, he has realized the importance of people in the community. For this article, you’ve curated a list of 56 WordPress experts who showed you their world through the content they share and the tweets they tweet. From entrepreneurs and engineers to founders and pioneers, from writers and podcasters to consultants and educators – this is a one-stop starting point for new WordPress users and established ones looking to learn, connect, and make themselves heard.

GreenGeeks Dashboard Update: WordPress, Developer Tools, and More. Elite hosting GreenGeeks releases control panel updates related to WordPress installation and management. Additions and updates have been made to existing tools to make them easier and faster to use to make managing your website easier.

Elementor lays off 15% of its workforce, cites impending recession. As James Giroux, director of product and brand marketing at StellarWP, put it, “Both @envato and @elemntor have announced major layoffs in recent weeks. My thoughts are with all those affected by these changes. My opinion is that this is not a reflection of the #WordPress ecosystem but of individual business needs.» However, it is a symptom of the global crisis we are going through.

Thinking about the WordPress admin experience. Matias Ventura said that as the third phase of the current WordPress roadmap focuses on workflows and multiplayer, considerations around the various admin flows become even more important. Note that nothing here is meant to be resolved in any way; it’s just a gathering of thoughts and possible ways to explore in the future for early feedback.

Interesting, Awesome, Awesome – All the Best WordPress Stats and Facts. WordPress has come a long way since it was first released in the early years. As the most popular content management system, it has become a dominant force online, powering almost half (a whopping 43%) of the web. Recommendable article on WPMudev where they state: “If you’ve ever had trouble convincing customers that WordPress isn’t just for bloggers, these share-worthy facts can lend credence to the platform’s prolific presence.«

Reusable blocks will change the way you build WordPress websites. If you think you know what they are, but you’ve never actually used them, then you’re missing out on one of the most powerful features of modern WordPress. A great guide to approach or delve into this must-have WordPress feature.

A guide to choosing the right WordPress block plugins. A great guide by Eric Karkovack to help us through the decision-making process on how to select the right block plugins, once Gutenberg has matured and passed the stage of installing and testing whatever plugins are released.

The Extendify team has released a new Blocks theme. It’s called Extendable, it’s free, and it’s worth a try: “Extendable is a distinctive, dynamic block theme designed as a canvas for your next online adventure. With multiple style variations, Extendable is the most expressive block theme yet. Go fresh, bold, bohemian or minimalist, with just one click.«.

Rich Tabor releases a new block theme. It’s called Wei and one of its main features is the ability to customize the colors in each publication.

Let’s build a custom theme (no coding required). A great video tutorial from Nick Diego, on WordPress TV, building a theme without code by customizing Twenty Twenty Two.

WordPress Vulnerability Report Special Edition – June 20, 2022: Critical Ninja Forms Vulnerability. This vulnerability has been patched, so you should update to version 3.6.11.WordPress Vulnerability Report – June 22, 2022. In this week’s vulnerability report, provided by iThemes Security, the Ninja Forms plugin stands out, but there are many others that you should check.